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Everyone knows about the mid-life crisis. Not everyone can explain the tumultuous twenties though, or why your world sometimes feels like it's crashing down on you around the age of 27-30. It's usually put down to just being "something that happens" - immaturity; growing up. That's why I started this podcast. This period of time is indeed a rite of passage, and this is all thanks to the Saturn Return. Roughly every 29.5 years, Saturn returns back to the same place in our birth chart as it was when we were born. It has a wide, sweeping orbit, so the effects of this can be felt well into our 30s, often starting around age 27. Saturn is the teacher planet. The one that is stern, showing no mercy if you have not learned the first quarter of your life’s lessons by heart. So rest assured that by the time it comes back to check on how your life is going, like a snooty invigilator roaming the exam hall to come peering over your shoulder when you least expect it, you better not be caught cheating or bunking off your path. Saturn will disqualify you or if you're more fortunate, simply make make you re-sit.


Using passages from Aliza Einhorn's The Little Book of Saturn, I take a look at our guest's birth charts to see in what sign and house their Saturn is placed, and exactly when their Saturn Return is expected to happen/has already happened. I compare Aliza's predictions to our guests' reality, in an attempt to explore the lessons their Saturn Return has taught them, how the challenges have made them stronger, or if they haven't already had this rite of passage - how to pave the way to a smooth and seamless one.


Whether or not you believe in astrology, it's always helpful to have something to blame. Disclaimer: to be taken with a pinch of salt. This is a bit of fun and because a problem shared is a problem halved.

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